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I wrestle with the complexity of the universe and my existence on this beautiful speck of dust speeding through the cosmos. In my studio practice I preform ritualized exercise and experiments. I work on the floor, on top of canvas tarps and as a result the works reveal little evidence of gravity’s forces. I also am able to work from all four sides without moving the panel or paper physically.

In life we bury things within ourselves, and then reveal them, many times over. The qualities of the paint and the traces of its motion when applied to panel or paper is a conveyor of everything I might have to say. I begin without a pre-conceived plan except the first placement of the paint which serves to illuminate the moment, the actual onset of creation.

In making my work, I am conjuring, distilling an elixir to create evidence of change through motion and light. My process is performed in the space between the uncontrollable and the contained.